A month ago, NFTKEY released our first NFT collection Life. The Life Collection is a interactive cellular automaton NFT collection, where people can design, play and mint their own BIOs, which evolves through time based on John Conway’s ‘Game of Life’.

Since then, we have been working on adding more ways the BIOs can be played. This article is dedicated to the Life Collection’s implementation, and why it’s unique and innovative in this space.

Unlike most of the NFT collections out there, Life Collection stores true immutable NFT data on the blockchain.

The current state of the NFT space

The most popular NFTs or NFT collections are…

The cost and benefit of being early to what blockchain is really about

NFTKEY, a decentralised NFT marketplace was officially launched when our own marketplace smart contract was first deployed on 26 March 2021.

Our marketplace allows Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain NFTs to be listed, bid on, bought and sold without any centralised servers. All of these events and actions are written on-chain for full transparency and accessibility.

The NFTKEY interface directly interacts with the NFTKEY Marketplace Smart Contract on the blockchain. All listing and bidding actions are P2P transactions without involvement of any centralised services.

The smart contracts…

The balance of chaos and order. Simplicity and complexity. Emergence through life and death. Growth and decay. The Life Collection is a blockchain based NFT project created to inspire and progress deeper thought and discussion into the interplay between science, philosophy, psychology and art.

… Cells within cells interlinked …

Cellular automata embody the dynamics and interplay of ‘being’ and are a superb computer based simulation, derived by simple rules to give life to ‘forms’, as interactions unfold through time.

With the discovery of cellular automata in the 1940s by John von Neumann and Stainlaw Ulam, many minds from different fields of study have been fascinated…


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