Enter the Life Collection

3 min readMar 20, 2021


The balance of chaos and order. Simplicity and complexity. Emergence through life and death. Growth and decay. The Life Collection is a blockchain based NFT project created to inspire and progress deeper thought and discussion into the interplay between science, philosophy, psychology and art.

… Cells within cells interlinked …

Cellular automata embody the dynamics and interplay of ‘being’ and are a superb computer based simulation, derived by simple rules to give life to ‘forms’, as interactions unfold through time.

With the discovery of cellular automata in the 1940s by John von Neumann and Stainlaw Ulam, many minds from different fields of study have been fascinated by and explored the wonderful world of these simulated universes of 2 dimensional arrays of cells with active and inactive states.

The best-known cellular automaton by John Conway’s ‘Game of Life’ (1970), helped simplify and popularise the step-by-step evolution of two-dimensional grids of cells, by devising a set of simple rules, with balanced constraints to display some of the most unique and dynamic properties.

We at NFTKEY, present to you an NFT collection where you become part of the experiment and interact with others on blockchain, by designing, playing, minting and owning BIO NFTs.

Only 10,000 unique BIOs will be minted to the Ethereum blockchain as immutable, on-chain NFTs, and kept in your non-custodial wallet or traded on the open marketplace created at NFTKEY.

Each BIO plays autonomously in their environment of 17*17 and 35*35 grid of cells, based on the algorithm defined in the LIFE NFT Smart Contract. The capabilities of what you’ll be able to do with your BIOs will also increase, as we at NFTKEY plan to build further controls and mechanisms for people to interact with their NFTs made by the community.

The BIOs’ DNA is immutable in code, on-chain, but the interface layer allows untapped potential for states and modes to be unlocked. We envision an interface ecosystem at NFTKEY that builds upon the simplest representation of these BIOs, to become evermore interactive, to showcase their ‘being’ as multi-sensory and be a technological stimulus for experimentation and innovation.

In cybernetics, we trust

Note: A Superorganism NFT is forming. As each BIO is minted it emerges closer to becoming alive. Upon completion of all 10,000 BIO NFTs being minted, NFTKEY will run an Optimised-Scenario-Simulation-Program (OSSP) to calculate a set of coordinates for each BIO on a 100*100 BIO-GRID to ensure a longer length of life, as each BIO interacts and travels across their environment of themselves and into each other.

The speculation of identity, profiles converging, transforming into embodiments of collective and individual, environment and organism. The Super-BIO awaits …

Visit the Life Collection on NFTKEY and design, play and mint your own BIO NFT to live on the blockchain.




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