Life NFT — NFTs with immutable DNA data written on the blockchain

Unlike most of the NFT collections out there, Life Collection stores true immutable NFT data on the blockchain.

The current state of the NFT space

The most popular NFTs or NFT collections are mostly visual arts or music, in a form that can be viewed, heard or touched. Upon minting these types of NFTs, a token ID is issued, and how the artwork corresponds to the token ID vary from collection to collection.

  • NFT’s data served can be changed.

BIO DNAs in the Life Smart Contract

The NFTKEY Life Collection, unlike artwork-based NFTs, is a data-based NFT collection, which reads and writes BIO’s DNA data to the Life Smart Contract on the blockchain.

BIO DNA RLE Encoding diagram

5 to 48 active cells restriction

For the design of the BIOs, we implemented a constraint of how many cells can be activated, and the range is set at 5 to 48.

The 5-cell Glider and the 48-cell Pulsar

BIO validations by the smart contract

When minting a BIO, the BIO’s uniqueness and active cell count is validated mathematically by the smart contract.

  • The amount of active cells is between 5 to 48.
  • The hash of the BIO’s DNA doesn’t match any existing BIO’s hash.

The price of BIO NFTs

“They are too expensive”. We got this comment from the community since the start. The reason of this price range is to guard the quality of the Life Collection to a certain extent. If the price for designing and minting a BIO is too low, we’re more likely to see insensible designs and a low quality standard, but also we always had the intention of rewarding participants.

Unbounded user experience possibilities for BIOs

BIOs are in a form of a simple array of numbers. They evolve over time based on a simple set of rules defined by the computer, and can be presented in many formats and turned into different forms of art.

  • BIO X-Ray: BIO’s evolution timeline aggregated through time.

Visit the Life Collection on NFTKEY and design, play and mint your own BIO NFT to live on the blockchain.

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