Life NFT — GOAL Reward system

2 min readJul 28, 2021


The GOAL Reward system

The GOAL Reward is used to motivate and incentivise good BIO creations.

At least 50% of the funds from the mints will be redeemable to the creators of all good BIOs as a reward for their contribution and designs to the Life Collection.

The reward will consist of two parts: at least 50% of all the BIO mints and 100% of the auction of the Super Organism.

Why is GOAL needed?

It’s expected that some users take the Life Collection as another static artwork collection, so they treat the first frame of the BIO as a doodle canvas. This isn’t what essence of Game of Life is about. Therefore, we introduced a reward system in place to motivate people into looking more at the cell evolution rules, and create BIOs with natural and/or interesting life journeys.

Most of the BIOs are eligible for full reward, which is half of the minting cost. At current minting price, the reward of each eligible BIO can be redeemed to 0.1 ETH on Ethereum and 0.5 BNB on Binance Smart Chain.

GOAL also enables us to give back to the NFT Community and the BIO Minters through a redeemable token with no secondary market.

Visit the GOAL Dashboard or mint your own BIO NFT

There are 3 tiers of rewards for minted BIOs

  1. Full rewards
  2. Half rewards
  3. No rewards

Full rewards (embrace list)

  • Use the ‘Mine’ button feature to mine and mint an organic BIO
  • Use the ‘Ideas’ index to select and mint an organic BIO
  • Use BIO Design Lab to mint a long living organic BIO (Note: Avoid list)

Half rewards (avoid list)

  • Avoid recognisable first frames (e.g. logos, symbols, objects, faces)
  • Avoid BIOs that live less than 5 GENs (BIOs from Ideas index exempted)

Zero rewards (Avoid list)

  • Avoid sensitive first frames (e.g. genitalia, hate speech or symbols)

Bonus drops

GOAL Rewards will also be randomly dropped to BIO Minters or BIO Owners of ‘Great BIOs’. For example, very long life generation BIOs, unique loop cycles, especially new Game of Life primitive inventions that haven’t been discovered before.

Long term thinking

GOAL holders can choose to hold their GOAL longer to share in more funds that will be stored in the GOAL Rewards Vault and released in the future.

Visit the Life Collection on NFTKEY and design, play and mint your own BIO NFT to live on the blockchain.

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