Life NFT — GOAL Reward system

The GOAL Reward system

Why is GOAL needed?

There are 3 tiers of rewards for minted BIOs

  1. Full rewards
  2. Half rewards
  3. No rewards

Full rewards (embrace list)

  • Use the ‘Mine’ button feature to mine and mint an organic BIO
  • Use the ‘Ideas’ index to select and mint an organic BIO
  • Use BIO Design Lab to mint a long living organic BIO (Note: Avoid list)

Half rewards (avoid list)

  • Avoid recognisable first frames (e.g. logos, symbols, objects, faces)
  • Avoid BIOs that live less than 5 GENs (BIOs from Ideas index exempted)

Zero rewards (Avoid list)

  • Avoid sensitive first frames (e.g. genitalia, hate speech or symbols)

Bonus drops

Long term thinking

Visit the Life Collection on NFTKEY and design, play and mint your own BIO NFT to live on the blockchain.



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